Your speed.

Our measurement.

How it works

Sp33dy is a nifty little app that allows you to use your device GPS receiver to measure the current speed at which you are moving.
This speed along with other readouts is then presented to you with use of largest possible numbers and edge to edge gauges.


  • Modern and classic gauges .
  • Speed readout in km/h, mph, m/s, knots.
  • Intuitive navigation through swiping .
  • Full screen orientation control and locking.
  • HUD (head-up-display) for simple readouts and gauges.
  • GPS strength and quality indicator.

Various measurments

  • Maximum speed monitoring, that can be disabled at wish.
  • Average speed, including and excluding stationary.
  • Easily accessible reset button to allow quick reset on average speed cameras and to ease operation.


  • Front and read facing dash-cam with focus control.
  • Small and large speed overlay.
  • Ability to record video only and video with audio.


  • Fully adjustable colour themes.
  • Theme storing and management.
  • Theme switching based on manual selection, time of day, or amount of ambient light.

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